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The Handy Paint Pail Story:  It all started with a coffee can.


The Handy Paint Pail was created in 2001 in classic Do-It-Yourself style. Mark Bergman was doing some painting around his house using the standard “coffee can” paint container. When Mark’s hand began to tire, he designed a strap out of duct tape and the Handy Paint Pail was born.

This unique new product has been achieving tremendous sales results in hardware stores, home centers and paint stores since it hit the market in February of 2002. Both do-it-yourself painters and professionals are attracted to the ergonomic design and multiple features.

The Handy Paint Pail was developed to solve issues that everyone has experienced when painting. It will hold up to a quart of paint, and the adjustable strap allows for custom fit and comfort. The strap can also affix to a belt for hands free use when climbing a ladder. A magnet is mounted on the inside to hold the brush, and a built in scraper lip removes excess paint. The Handy Paint Pail is made in the USA out of polypropylene material, which is extremely durable, solvent resistant and easy to clean.

New Handy Paint Pail disposable liners were developed and became available in December, 2002. The liners are being sold in six packs and are made in the USA using 100% recycled material. The liners eliminate clean up and allow for quick color changes. Disposable covers were added to the line in December, 2003. The covers prevent paint from drying out on the job while masking or doing other tasks. They are sold in packs of four and come with clip strips.

The Handy Paint Pails are sold in cases and are also available in a variety of freestanding floor displays.

In 2004, after 2 years of success with the HANDy Paint Pail, Bercom saw a demand to add a pail that holds more paint and has the same features as the original pail but also can accommodate a mini roller and larger brush. This demand created the HANDy Paint Pail PRO SERIES, which also includes liners.  With this addition Bercom created a wide variety of merchandising displays that function like vending machines.

The year 2007 brought more innovation to the Handy Paint Pail family when Bercom launched the new HANDy Ladder Pail.  What makes this product unique is the patented bracket which easily attaches to most step and extension ladders.  This new Multi-use pail is the perfect tool for any project up and down a ladder.  The built in bracket, magnetic brush holder, roller grid and tool and rag holder makes this multi-use pail the perfect answer for any project on or off a ladder.

In 2008, Bercom made some changes and improvements to their existing products and expanded their product line, beginning with the color of the pails.  Bercom believed that if they urge their customers to continuously change colors, why shouldn’t they? Not to mention the new color was extremely eye catching!  So, after five years of producing gray pails, Bercom changed the color to red.  Following that trend, Bercom changed the color of the Pro Series Paint Pail, made it lighter in weight, lower in price, and re-named it the HANDy Roller Pail.  In addition, requests from customers wanting to attach the Roller Pail to a ladder led to the creation of the HANDy Ladder Hook.  Not only does this item secure the HANDy Roller Pail or a standard paint can to any ladder, this mini-bungee can be used for many other applications.  The most exciting and successful new product from Bercom in 2008, however, was the HANDy Paint Cup.   This new entry-level paint cup is made in the USA and hit the ground in a dead sprint.  Although it does not have all the features as the original HANDy Paint Pail, it grants the customer the ability to afford something similar.  The disposable HANDy Paint Cup holds up to a pint of paint and has a built in magnet, which makes it perfect for trim work and craft projects!

In 2009 – 2010, Bercom rolled out two new items – the HANDy Paint Tray and HANDy Paint Tray Liner – both proudly made in the USA.  Before the creation of the HANDy Paint Tray, the design of ordinary paint trays had not changed for many years, and they were generally not very functional.  For example, they were often flimsy and difficult to transport.  The new HANDy Paint Tray has ergonomic handles on both ends, making it sturdy and easy to move, without fear of spilling.  Additionally, ordinary roller trays require constant re-filling because they are not deep enough to hold a significant amount of paint.  Bercom’s new tray, however, easily holds up to a gallon of paint –enough for an entire room.  Also, like most other Bercom products, the HANDy Paint Tray has a built-in magnetic brush holder that accommodates up to a 4” brush, making it possible to always have a brush nearby while keeping it out of the way of the roller, as well as out of the paint.  The HANDy Paint Tray Liners, which are made of 100% recycled material, are especially unique because they snap into place, unlike other roller tray liners that are often difficult to keep in place.

The start of 2012 came with the launch of another new product from Bercom.  The HANDy Roller Cup is specially designed for use with up to a 6″ mini-roller.  With it’s flexible yet durable handle, the HANDy Roller Cup allows for comfortable hand-held use.  Additionally, sturdy legs make it possible to use on any flat surface as well.  Like other Bercom products, the HANDy Roller Cup is accompanied by custom-fit, disposable liners.  Made of 100% recycled material, these liners make changing colors and clean-up a breeze.  Both the HANDy Roller Cup and Liners are proudly made in the U.S.A.

2015 started off with the launch of another new product – the HANDy Paint Grid. Made in the USA of 100% recycled car battery plastic, the HANDy Paint Grid is a new take on the classic metal paint grid that has been around for decades. Because of it’s smooth plastic material, the HANDy Paint Grid won’t rust, and is easy to clean for multiple uses. The unique design allows for the Grid to lock into place for a secure fit on any standard 5-gallon bucket.

Stayed tuned for more NEW, innovative, and exciting products from Bercom in the future…

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  • "I purchased two HANDy Ladder Pails and am extremely satisfied with the product. When you go up on the ladder you have your roller, brush, and a large amount of paint. It attaches easily to the ladder - extension or step ladder. The liners make clean-up a breeze. Great product."
    Jim - Camarillo, CA

  • "Why didn’t someone come up with this a long time ago? The brush magnet is wonderful. It was comfortable to hang on to for over an hour while doing my project. I will definitely get a lot of use out of this."
    Ruth – Whittemore, IA

  • "Do not paint a house without this thing!"
    G. Treadwell

    Tom - Spokane, WA

  • "Word of advice to those considering purchasing some Bercom products for your painting needs:  Once you have this arsenal of products, you will not be able to stop painting and your friends and family will ask you to help them with their projects...and you won't mind one bit.  So if you hate painting as most of us do... well you'll hate painting a lot less but you may be doing more if it than you had hoped!"
    Eric - Minneapolis, MN

  • "What a terrific product.  I recently had to paint my interior at home and used the HANDy Paint Tray every day for the past week and a half...Your pail was such an ease to use compared to a conventional tray...I recommend to anyone who does a lot of painting - especially professional painters would find this a real ease to use daily!!"
    George - Burleson, TX

  • "I use the HANDy Paint Pail for projects big and small and let me tell you, it's the best invention since Clap-On Clap-Off Lamps!" 
    Jennifer - Reno, NV

  • "This is an indispensable item for any paint job. We've used one for over four years, can't imagine painting without it."
    L. Portz - Wesley Chapel, FL

  • "The HANDy Paint Tray holds more paint than most pans on the market and the liners make clean-up quick and easy.  There isn't a problem with rusty, unstable paint trays anymore!"
    James - Warrenton, MO

  • "These are the perfect containers to use for painting. Very comfortable in your hand and there is a magnet strip that your paint brush will stick to and stay out of the paint. Use these with the Paint Pail liners for EASY clean up. Would not paint without these!!"
    T. Owens - North Dakota