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HANDy Paint Products can be found in home centers, paint and hardware stores throughout the country.


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Handy Paint Product Plugs

  • "Word of advice to those considering purchasing some Bercom products for your painting needs:  Once you have this arsenal of products, you will not be able to stop painting and your friends and family will ask you to help them with their projects...and you won't mind one bit.  So if you hate painting as most of us do... well you'll hate painting a lot less but you may be doing more if it than you had hoped!"
    Eric - Minneapolis, MN

  • "Do not paint a house without this thing!"
    G. Treadwell

  • "Why didn’t someone come up with this a long time ago? The brush magnet is wonderful. It was comfortable to hang on to for over an hour while doing my project. I will definitely get a lot of use out of this."
    Ruth – Whittemore, IA

  • "I use the HANDy Paint Pail for projects big and small and let me tell you, it's the best invention since Clap-On Clap-Off Lamps!" 
    Jennifer - Reno, NV

  • "This is an indispensable item for any paint job. We've used one for over four years, can't imagine painting without it."
    L. Portz - Wesley Chapel, FL

  • "I purchased two HANDy Ladder Pails and am extremely satisfied with the product. When you go up on the ladder you have your roller, brush, and a large amount of paint. It attaches easily to the ladder - extension or step ladder. The liners make clean-up a breeze. Great product."
    Jim - Camarillo, CA

    Tom - Spokane, WA

  • "These are the perfect containers to use for painting. Very comfortable in your hand and there is a magnet strip that your paint brush will stick to and stay out of the paint. Use these with the Paint Pail liners for EASY clean up. Would not paint without these!!"
    T. Owens - North Dakota

  • "The HANDy Paint Tray holds more paint than most pans on the market and the liners make clean-up quick and easy.  There isn't a problem with rusty, unstable paint trays anymore!"
    James - Warrenton, MO

  • "What a terrific product.  I recently had to paint my interior at home and used the HANDy Paint Tray every day for the past week and a half...Your pail was such an ease to use compared to a conventional tray...I recommend to anyone who does a lot of painting - especially professional painters would find this a real ease to use daily!!"
    George - Burleson, TX